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Engage Tourism is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization created to collaborate with, engage, and educate travel entrepreneurs, hospitality professionals, and the public. Our primary focus is to maintain sustainability in tourism both locally and abroad. Our motivation is to provide a platform where veteran professionals can collaborate with new members to pass on knowledge in growing our industry for years to come.


Our mission is founded on the premise that there is a lack of inclusion and opportunities for quality interactions within the travel and tourism industry. This makes it difficult for travel and tourism professionals to create meaningful connections. At Engage Tourism, we move past the typical travel industry basics and provide unparalleled opportunities to our members for education, connection, and collaboration. In this way, we can create an empowered, connected, and educated community that actively engages in contributing to the sustainability of the travel and tourism industry.

Come join us at one of our local events or reach out to discuss chapter development in your local area. 


After the deconstruction of the Young Travel Professionals (YTP) located in New York City, several members of the YTP Tampa Chapter voiced the opinion that another similar networking group needed to be established. YTP was originally created for travel professionals under the age of 40 to collaborate and meet in social settings to expand their network. After seeing the disconnect and generational differences between the veteran professionals in the tourism industry and those who were part of YTP, Steven Gould, founder of Engage Tourism, came up with the idea for an Educational Networking Group. Taking this idea, he created Engage Tourism which was built on the premise of education to provide sustainability within the tourism industry.

Engage Tourism was founded in 2019 due to an innate need for education and engagement within the hospitality and tourism industry. While there may be many similar organizations crafted to a specific niche in the industry, none focused on the collaboration of the entire travel & tourism industry. Engage Tourism was developed to bridge the gap for those who are willing to share their industry knowledge and those seeking it.

What We Do

Engage. Educate. Experience.

Our goal is to provide tourism sustainability through Engagement, Education, and Experiences to allow our members the opportunity to increase tourism sustainability throughout the world. We will coordinate events such as:

-Familiarization (FAM) Trips

-Forums / Conferences

-Supplier Presentations

-Educational Seminars at Universities/Colleges/Schools

-Local Chapters for Engagement of Membership

-Charitable Donations to Like-Minded Businesses

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