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2020 has shown us how important community and relationships are for the travel and tourism industry. When the world stopped traveling, we looked to each other for support and we gave each other hope whenever we felt like giving up.


When we created Engage Tourism, we didn’t realize how impactful this community would be. We’re so grateful to have shared tips, tricks, and lots of laughter with each of you through our Zoom Happy Hour Series this year. As the world slowly opens back up and we see signs of recovery, we want to return to what Engage Tourism was designed to be: a community dedicated to collaboration, engagement, and education throughout the industry.


Moving forward, we will be promoting further engagement throughout the industry through our Engage Tourism membership program. At only $28 from January - December 2021, our founding membership will include monthly members-only meetings, a members-only FB group, access to some local chapter events, exclusive FAM trip opportunities, along with business development and education with affiliate partners, experts inside and outside of the travel industry, supplier seminars, and more.


Best of all, you will be supporting a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to tourism growth and sustainability as we all work together to bring back this amazing industry.


To join Engage Tourism, please scroll down and fill out the application below. Let’s work together to rebuild the tourism industry! If this year taught us anything, it’s that we are more resilient than we could have EVER imagined and that tourism can only go up from here.

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