Hao Dang is a travel advisor with Get Out! Custom Travels. She's only in her first year with this industry, but she's learning quickly! While she has not yet honed in on a niche to specialize in, she is still familiarizing herself with all segments of the industry. Her favorite ways to travel are with a guided tour group or staying at an all-inclusive resort! Her favorite destination she's traveled to is Paris. The city was everything she dreamed of - and more!

A fun fact about her is that she loves to make travel videos! She enjoys sharing her experiences of new destinations with her friends and clients! 

Engage Tourism was founded in 2020 due to an innate need for education and engagement within the hospitality and tourism industry. While there may be many similar organizations crafted to a specific niche in the industry, none focused on the collaboration of veteran professionals and the younger generation of travel & hospitality professionals.

Engage Tourism was developed to bridge the gap for those who are willing to share their industry knowledge and those seeking it.

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